5 Ways to Lower Commercial Property Taxes

The old adage of “a dollar saved is a dollar earned” applies to lowering property taxes on commercial property. It is never a good business practice to pay more than is needed on taxes. Knowing the options and following some easy to follow steps helps property owners find some relief from those daunting taxes.

How Much is Too Much

Scheduling time annually to review the assessment helps ensure an accurate tax amount. Everyone who owns commercial property needs to know how much they pay and why. Most local governments require commercial owners to fill out forms to help determine the tax amount on the property. This information includes income obtained from the property and expenses incurred because commercial tax rates are calculated differently than regular property taxes. Calculating the amount well ahead of time can be done by using some basic mathematical formulas. Understanding how the system works helps people know how much they should be paying. Always keep at least seven years of assessments on file to keep track of any changes, which helps people understand the market and any fluctuations on their taxes.

Review Payment Options

There are several options available for payment of commercial property taxes. Choosing the one that coincides with the financial situation of the business is advised. If the business has a flux of money all at once during a certain time of the year, than paying it in full would make sense. Check with the city and state tax commissions to see if there is a discount for paying in full. If that is not the case, paying in two installments is an option. An installment plan is often more palatable than one lump sum but the final decision of how to pay should coincide with when the money becomes available.

Understanding the Local Market

Stay in tune to the current market values in the vicinity of the commercial property. Prices that go up or down can directly affect the amount that is taxed. Do not let the assessor make a random decision without knowing how prices are changing in and around the area. This also helps when doing a self-evaluation beforehand. Anticipating a change helps owners evaluate before the new tax year by simply looking at properties that have sold and comparing them side by side. This information can be used when speaking directly with a tax assessor. Tax information on properties is generally public knowledge. Once a similar commercial property has been located, the taxes should be somewhat comparable and is a good indicator of what the taxes should be. There may be some variances depending on the information that the assessor has on file for the property.

Record Keeping

This seems so simple, but it can be difficult to keep records organized and easy to access. Record keepers need to know the difference between taxable and nontaxable income. Taxable income is the amount that is disclosed unless it is exempt, and nontaxable income has to be reported separately. Real estate and personal property is also treated differently by state and local governments. Keeping all records pertaining to the property and income received is a vital part of the tax process.

Get Help

Taxes can be confusing and the laws can be difficult to navigate without help. Assessment Technologies is a professional property tax company that is dedicated to helping commercial property owners save money on their taxes through experienced property tax appeals. Assessment Technologies’ experience in the industry has been an asset to people on both a professional and personal level for many years.

Finding a House to Rent in Houston

Houston is a beautiful city, and the largest in the southern United States. It is home to more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere but New York. This means it is both a great place to rent and also a difficult place in which to find the right rental property. Many people get transferred to Houston to work, and many of them choose to rent instead of buy because they know they will not be in town long enough to make buying a home worthwhile. The result is that the rental market is an active market.

You are more likely to find the right home and to rent it on the right terms, if you find the right Houston property management company to begin with. The right company will help and guide you through the entire process efficiently and successfully. With more than a thousand rental properties available at any one time, finding the right one can be a daunting proposition. Recent changes in the oil industry suggest there may be a lot of market volatility in the near future.

Houston’s rental market stood up well to the most recent changes. The average monthly rent in December of 2015 remained unchanged at $1,710 for a single family home. If oil prices continue to fall, there could be an increase in rental properties coming available. Alternatively, there could be an increase in demand. Either way, having a professional handle the initial search, so you can focus on a qualified shortlist of homes makes a lot of sense.

Finding the right house means starting broad and narrowing things down. Here are some suggestions:-

  1. Decide how much you can afford to spend on rent, utilities, insurance and other regular costs.
  1. If you have not already done so, check your credit score and have your personal and banking references in place. Your future landlord will use this kind of information to decide if you are a suitable tenant. Having them to hand means you will not delay signing a lease. Any sort of preventable delay can result in losing your home of choice to someone else. If the rental market does heat up, this will become a common disappointment to would-be tenants. Don’t be one of them.
  1. Decide on the area, or areas, where you would like to live. How long a commute will be acceptable? Is living in a deed restricted community important? How close do you want to be to stores, entertainment, public transport and open spaces, for example?
  1. Decide on your preferred floor plan, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage size, etc. so your rental agent can execute detailed searches and provide you with a good shortlist of possible homes.
  1. When you are close to deciding on the home, review the lease in detail. Your Houston property management company will guide you through it, so you know what you are signing. You should be clear about your responsibilities and liabilities for the lease duration.

Houston is a beautiful city. Choosing the right home on the right terms could make it perfect.

Great opportunities to use Single Board Computers

A single board computer is a computer with all features and functions built on a single circuit board, including microprocessors, memory, and input/output. They’re usually much less powerful than desktop computers, but make up for it with a simple, self-contained design.

Single board computers usually don’t use expansion slots to add extra hardware or functions like a desktop PC would. Embedded single board computers provide all needed input and output without provision for plug-in cards. Some single board computers plug into a backplane to provide further functionality and slots for plug-in cards. Others have connectors which allow for stacking circuit boards.

The Advantages of Single Board Computers in a Development Environment

Software development often makes use of single board computers for demos and prototyping. Single board computers are often very reliable. If a single board computer does manage to fail, a developer can easily swap it out for another of the same make. This effortless interchangeability lends single board computers a guaranteed security that multi-board solutions lack.

They also tend to be more energy efficient than multi-board computers. The money saved in power consumption may seem small with one single board computer. However, development rarely ever uses only one SBC. A single project will often end up using several at one time. In the context of widespread development across many projects, hundreds or possibly even thousands of SBCs may be used. Compared to a similar size fleet of multi-board computers, the difference in power consumption is significant, and the savings will continue to add up over time.

Single Uses of Single Board Computers

Single board computers will often have only the hardware and features needed for a specific task. This makes them the ideal choice for embedded applications and machines with a single purpose, such as interactive kiosks, vending machines, digital signage, and point of sale terminals. An SBC Embedded Computer is also often used in gaming consoles such as slot machines and video poker.

Their small sizes allow for use in situations with severe space limitations. This means they are especially useful for medical devices and robotic drones. It also means they fit into unconventional hardware contexts, allowing their use inside cars, buses, trains, and airplanes. SBCs are often used in GPS navigation systems, rear view cameras, and stereo systems, as well as in cellular and satellite bridges allowing for passenger internet access.

For Love, Creativity, and Learning

SBCs are also often used by hobbyists in DIY projects and experimental applications. Common hobbyist applications include using them as internet routers, personal web servers, and home network print servers. Many hobbyists also use them to build streaming media centers with network-attached storage. Others take the time to construct retro gaming consoles, portable music players, multi-room sound systems, local FM radio transmitters, and even automated pet feeders. They can be used to control holiday lighting setups and other kinds of home automation, as well.

Educational institutions use SBCs to teach the basics of computing and programming. The same advantages present in using SBCs in development make them useful for learning. Learning with SBCs also prepares a student to work with them later in a development context. This is especially true when an SBC Embedded Computer is used as an introduction to working with embedded systems.

How Internet has Affected the Research Scene in Boston

How Internet has Affected the Research Scene in Boston

The area of Boston, Massachusetts is a hot bed for all sorts of research. From research in user experience to medical research, Boston, MA showcases ample opportunities for learning in the form of community, educational and online gatherings. In order to make the most of these learning opportunities, Bostonians are moving toward a faster, high speed Internet connection as their go-to Internet provider. After all, when it comes to research, speed and capabilities can make or break a researcher’s pace.

Moving at the Speed of Light

Having a high speed Internet source, such as CenturyLink in Massachusetts, has created a wealth of research growth in Boston. Researchers can link to those in their chosen industry from their offices to communicate regarding the latest news or experiences in the industry. For example, those in the UX community of Boston have taken to the Internet to create online training programs that allow them to explore the latest trends in the fast paced world of user experience. In doing so, they can keep ahead of their competitors and stay abreast to challenges they will face in their industry.

Communication Matters

In the medical research arena, communication can mean the difference between a missed research opportunity and one that provides a researcher with the avenue they need to make their research viable. While Boston provides a solid network for medical researchers, this could not happen without access to high speed Internet capabilities. After all, everything is done online these days from communicating via email and social media, to having in-face meetings on Google Hangouts and Skype. In order to make the most of these communication offerings, Boston residents need to have the optimal Internet connection. A lost signal, a blurred screen or a scattered voice over will leave a communication lacking and a research opportunity lost. Creating a professional arena for medical researchers starts with the ability to share information in, around and out of Boston. A high speed Internet connection is the key to this puzzle.

Boston Hub of Research

Having the New England city of Boston as the basis for so many forms of research is supported by its location among the best and most prestigious research universities and colleges in the US. In order to share the research with the rest of the world, Boston has to take advantage of the fastest Internet and technology for communication.